These are some of the areas where we provide specialized services.

Civil law

  • Study and drafting of all kinds of contractual and pre-contractual documents.
  • Advice and litigation in the different specialities of civil law.
  • Real estate law.
  • Horizontal property and neighbourhood communities.
  • Claims of amount.
  • Law of damages and civil responsibility.
  • Accidents.
  • Law of succession. Wills, inheritances and settlements of estates.
  • Family law.
  • Defence of the right to honour, privacy and self-image.
  • Constitution and advice to foundations, associations and civil societies.
  • Files before the Civil Registry.
  • Consumer law.
  • Claims for unfair banking terms and practices.

Mercantile law

  • Constitution, transformation and liquidation of commercial companies.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Unpaid bills.
  • Commercial and civil contracts.
  • Comprehensive advice to companies and administrative bodies.
  • Liability of administrators and directors.
  • Industrial property.
  • Claims based on bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes.
  • Representation and defence of the company in the different jurisdictions.

Public administration

  • Comprehensive advice to local corporations and local public sector entities.
  • Local taxes.
  • Administrative sanctions.
  • Licenses and authorizations.
  • Public procurement.
  • Civil service.
  • Town planning law.
  • Administrative liability for damages caused to citizens.
  • Expropriations.

Criminal law

  • Comprehensive advice, legal assistance and defence in criminal proceedings.
  • Filing of complaints/suits in defence of the client’s interests.
  • Direction of the process in all the instances in exercise of the accusation so much individual as popular.
  • Assistance to defendants and defendants.
  • Control and surveillance plans and programmes to prevent criminal liability within the company.
  • Corporate and property crimes and crimes against the socio-economic order.
  • Environmental crimes and crimes against the planning of the territory.
  • Crimes committed in the field of public service and in the exercise of professional activities.
  • Criminal liability arising from accidents at work and crimes against occupational safety.
  • Offences against physical and mental integrity.
  • Criminal protection of the right to honour and privacy.

Labor law

  • Advice, defence and representation of companies, public sector entities and workers in the different matters related to labour relations and labour law.
  • Employment contracts, agreements, covenants and company agreements.
  • Individual or collective modification of working conditions.
  • Disciplinary dismissal.
  • Individual contract terminations for objective reasons.
  • Extinctive, suspensive or reduction employment regulation files.
  • Labour sanctions.
  • Wage claims.
  • Reconciliation of personal, family and working life.
  • Violation of fundamental rights.
  • Claims for compensation and benefits arising from occupational accidents.
  • Social security benefits.
  • Representation and defence in the courts of social jurisdiction.

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